Wow. As small as that word is, it just seems to sum up the feelings that I have – which are BIG! Amazed, overwhelmed, thrilled, humbled, excited…those all apply too…but wow just “works!”

Ten years ago, we opened Altom Consulting & Marketing, Inc. I didn’t know where the road would lead; I knew that I loved helping people market their businesses and, after many years spent in media sales and management, this seemed a natural fit.

Over the past year or so, I had been feeling strongly that the greater Huntsville area could be served well by a local magazine, and I was sure that when one “came along” it would be successful if it were done “right.” Then, about three months ago I really began to feel strong nudgings from God that the time for this was NOW and the person was ME! Let me assure you this was NOT in my plan. I ignored, argued, fussed, griped…and finally acquiesced! So, welcome to the first issue of Postcards from the Piney Woods! We are glad you’re here.

Thus far, this magazine has been a whirlwind. It is meant to be fun. It is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to be inspirational. It is meant to help you learn more about your neighbors and the businesses that make up this wonderful corner of the Piney Woods where we reside. I grew up in Madisonville and have now lived in Huntsville for a total of more than 20 years. I’m not sure there’s a better place in Texas to call “Home” than this area – but since we know how we Texans are – we won’t go there!

Please remember to let our advertisers know that you saw them in Postcards. They are the ones bringing you this publication at no charge to you. This year we’ll be coming to you quarterly…at least that’s MY plan..so we’ll see!

We would love to hear from you!
Until next time ~
Karen Altom

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