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This week, I received an email that warmed my heart. It was from a reader who told me how much they enjoyed our magazine. And, for the record:

Yes, we love hearing that!

No, we don’t get tired of hearing that!

Thank you for telling us and, more importantly, please remember to thank an advertiser. Those are the folks who really make what we do possible!

Occasionally, I receive emails like the one mentioned above asking about a story we’ve previously published. They request a copy or a way to look it up online.

I began to search our website for the story being requested. It’s usually a quick search, but I couldn’t locate it.

That’s when it hit me. This story was older than our website!

The story being requested ran in our magazines in 2012…five years ago…but still remembered by this reader. I’m not sure I can express to you how much that means to all of us who work on Postcards Magazine!

With our May issues this month, we are sending to print our 105th magazine. 105 times you have encouraged us to keep going. 105 times advertisers have believed in what we are doing and how we are reaching their customers. 105 issues have featured unique people who make up our wonderful communities. But here’s the number that astounded me…2,654,000 copies of Postcards Magazine have been printed. Those who have heard my story of how Postcards began will understand when I say, “I stand amazed.”

And, when a reader remembers a story…it makes every moment – every deadline – worth it all.

Until next time ~ Karen

PS – I would write “Thank You” 105 times, but the editor tells me that would exceed my word count, so please remember – thank our advertisers!

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