Travelin’ Shoes


Travelin’ Shoes

Years ago, when I was in college, a new gospel singing group made its appearance. They called themselves Acappella.  Founder Keith Lancaster believed the human voice was the greatest instrument God ever created, and he set out to glorify God in a new and different way.  One of the first albums the group did was called Travelin’ Shoes, and when the album was released, I was working for our college radio station, KACU.  (Yes, this magazine girl got started in radio…and still loves it as well!) 


The day Acappella was performing a concert in Abilene, I was given the task to drive them from the venue to the radio station for an interview. What a “task” that was!  During the approximate 15-minute drive across town then back again, I was rewarded with my own private, in-car concert.  The original bass singer for Acappella was a fellow by the name of Rodney Britt.  Many of you may remember Rodney from much later as the last bass singer with The Sounds of Glory quartet, the group my dad Lanier was instrumental in helping found.  If you’ve ever heard Rodney sing, you likely won’t forget it, so just try for a moment to put yourself in the place of this 21-year-old girl.  Trust me, it was better sound than any Bose or Alpine surround sound speakers could provide!


Of course, there was no way to know at age 21 what an instrumental part (pun intended) Rodney and Keith would play in the life of Dad.  There was no way for me to know what a special friendship Rodney and Dad would have.  There was no way to foresee the day years later, when still in the hospital after surgery from a serious car accident, my Houston hospital room would fill with nurses and staff to hear Rodney sing Amazing Grace to me.


Things like these make me aware of how amazing my God is–how He intertwines our lives, our circumstances, and the timelines to work out best for His almighty plan.  I do not claim to ever understand it. I cannot.  My brain can no more wrap around the mightiness of who He is than I can understand the vastness of the universe He created. I am pretty sure I sat through my college astronomy class with my jaw on my desk more than once. The fact that I can gaze at tonight’s sky–and the twinkling starlight I see actually left those stars thousands of years ago (or more) and is just reaching me tonight–truly blows my mind.  Moments like those remind me How Great Thou Art.


One other thing.  You may remember a column I wrote a while back where I shared with you that I never really know what I am going to write until I sit down to do so.  Since we believe God owns this magazine, I try to write what I feel led to write. Just so you know, I sat down to write about vacations and thought since I was ready to put on my “Travelin’ Shoes,” that would make a cute title. Maybe I’ll write that vacation column next month!


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