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The Proper Motivation


Not long ago, our family was on the way home from visiting relatives when we saw a lone calf on the side of a country road.  It was standing beside a fence and looking at the herd of cows on the other side of the fence that stood across a cattle guard from where this fellow was bawling his head off.  This was not a small calf.  No newborn here.  This was a calf that was several months old and of pretty good size.  Kind of a “teenager” in cow world.  I didn’t exactly realize this until we four found ourselves trying to do a good deed and convince this bovine that he belonged back across that cattle guard on the other side with his mama.  As we all edged closer to him, he seemed to determine (and rightly so), that I would be the easiest one to take down.  When I saw that look in his eye, I decided to stand up taller and wave my arms wilder so as to look bigger and “badder” and NOT be someone he wanted to tangle with!  As we all got closer to him, he decided that he, in fact, WAS capable of jumping that cattle guard after all!  He just needed the proper motivation.

As we drove on, I thought how very much like that calf we are. It seemed obvious that this calf had determined that the other side of the fence looked pretty good.  And jumping that cattle guard didn’t seem so tough to do…if he really wanted to.  And it wasn’t.  He did it.  I’m sure he was quite pleased with himself – until he looked back.

Sometimes, excitement motivates us to do things that are really not in our best interest, but we still think it’s worth the jump.  Have you ever wanted to go back and couldn’t?  I am guessing we all have, but may decide we “can’t” or it’s “too scary.”  If we give in to it, fear can keep us from doing what’s smart or even what’s best for us.  As we begin a new year, I encourage you to not let fear rule your decisions.  I encourage you to develop a plan – whether for things that need to go forward and even things you need to go back and fix.  If you can’t overcome the fear, find someone to help give you the “proper motivation.”  God will provide that if you’re willing to jump.

Until next time ~ Karen

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