Thankful for Silver


I love November, because I love Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, because I love family. I am truly thankful when family is together.

Over the years, whether we were with the Altom family or the Stevens family, I’ve always loved that day when we stop and are thankful…and we have so very much for which to be thankful.

This year, I’m dwelling on a milestone. Just a few days ago on October 17th, Wes and I marked the completion of 25 years of marriage—our silver anniversary. I’m still a little surprised; 25 years is a long time, yet it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. We have friends who have had the same experience. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Now, don’t get me wrong…we aren’t perfect, and it hasn’t always been fun, but what it HAS been is committed—two imperfect people who try to see each other and love each other the way God does. Lemme tell you, when you’re mad at your spouse, and you think, “God loves them a lot…how does he want me to treat them?”, it will often change what comes out of your mouth. (Not always…remember the imperfect part?) But even when the wrong thing comes out, knowing what we should have said makes apologizing easier to do and easier to accept.

We went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon 25 years ago (in addition to a side trip to Toronto for a World Series game). This week, we plan to go back. We will stay in the same hotel, eat in the same restaurant, tour some of the same places, and we’ll stroll down memory lane sharing remembrances from that trip and from the 25 years that have followed…and for those years, I will be forever thankful.

From our family to yours–Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time, ~ Karen


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