Simple Joys


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of driving my son to school for a few days.  Since he is now a senior in high school, I haven’t done this in a very long time.  He was taking some medication that (according to the doctor) didn’t mix well with driving, so it fell to me to reopen Mom’s Taxi Service.  I remember the many, many days of Mom’s Taxi Service, and how thankful I was when both our children began to drive…after the fear wore off, of course!

Marshall is a lot like his dad, but unlike both his dad and sister, he’s a morning person like me.  During this bonus time we had in the car, I got to hear about his classes and teachers as he prepared to start his day.  We had the obligatory, “Can you bring me lunch?” conversation, and then as we pulled up to school he said, “There’s my buddy,” referencing a young man walking up the sidewalk.  I smiled and nodded, as this young man has been a guest in our home numerous times over the years.  But that simple comment brought back such a flood of memories.  Suddenly, I saw my five-year old kindergartener saying, “There’s my friend, Mom!”  Except this five-year old had somehow morphed into a 6-foot 2-inch human being, with a man’s deep voice and a face that sports a mountain man’s beard if left unshaven for more than two days.

I told him I loved him and to have a good day.  He told me the same and smiled.  And then I saw him…my five-year old, who’s almost a grown up.  I’m so glad he still loves his mom.  And yes, I took him lunch.  And I’ll do it again…and again.  It’s a simple joy.  And if you’re like me, we sometimes miss them.  Things that seem to be a chore or a “to do” item to be checked off today’s list are really some of the most special and important moments of the day.

This column is for our January 2015 issue.  2015 is the year my “little man” graduates from high school and will be leaving home for college.  This column is about joy, yet I find myself writing it with tears flowing down my face.  They are happy tears—tears of thankfulness for simple joys and precious moments.

May God bless you this year and help you recognize and appreciate your own simple joys.

Happy New Year! ~ Karen

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