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Roller Coasters & Thank Yous


Remember when you were a kid and you stepped onto “THAT” roller coaster? The one you really weren’t sure you wanted to ride, but deep down you knew you really did? And remember when you got off? You had just accomplished that wild ride, and then you’d look at your friend and say, “Let’s do it again!” Well, here we go again! What a wild ride! What a wonderful, wild ride!

pay advance $500 holiday

So…thank you, thank you, and thank you! The calls, the letters, the emails, and the encouragement you’ve given as you have contacted us to say that you love what we’re doing with Postcards Magazine’s Montgomery County Edition has truly meant the world to us. We are overwhelmed, but in a great way!
Thanks also to those of you who have been giving us ideas and telling us about interesting people we need to know. Those of you who have embraced us and welcomed us to your community are truly special.

We have also been getting some great responses from our advertisers letting us know that our readers appreciate them! Please continue to do that. Remember, they are the reason you receive Postcards at no charge. Please continue to thank them by doing business with them!

Let us hear from you. We will continue to listen and enjoy being a part of this wonderful community. Here we go again…let’s ride!

Until next time ~ Karen
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