First things first. For all of you who requested the Stevens family soup recipe, you will find it included in this issue. What you will not find included are the things we sometimes do a little differently than the recipe. (The things my daughter says I do on purpose to keep hers from being as good as mine.) I promise it is not on purpose. I just forget until I’m doing it! I have done my best to give you the “real deal,” so go try it and enjoy. If you don’t like yours, I’ll make a pot and share when this whole Covid mess is done. 

Which brings me to the topic of this column. Covid has ruined my smile and given me wrinkles. 

How you say? Simple. I now find myself squinting to smile. You know what I mean. I realized it one day when someone smiled at me and the only way I knew it was because their eyes crinkled. I looked in the mirror with my mask on and realized my eyes don’t naturally crinkle much when I smile. Oh my! 

Since I want people to know I am sincerely glad to see them, I began to squint my eyes when I smile with a mask on so they will know! As I thought about this, I wondered how I look doing this minus the mask. Downright goofy – that’s how! So when this is all over, if you see me with a weird, crinkly-eye, overly enthusiastic smile, you will know that is what Covid did to me. Bless my heart. 

I miss seeing people’s smiles. The only people who are seeing your teeth right now are the family you live with and your dentist! I also miss the money I saved before having to buy so much eye wrinkle cream. Maybe Santa will bring me some. 

In all seriousness, look for the good in your life. Find the funny and enjoy it. Be thankful for the One we remember this season. He loves us – wrinkles and all. 

From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas! 


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