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Old Things Looking Better


By the time you read this issue, I will celebrate my 50th birthday.  (For the record, I just made my parents feel officially old.)  When I was a kid, I remember thinking about birthdays number 30 and 40, but I never really thought about 50.  It was just TOO far away!  Now, I find that I really don’t care!

I can also remember when adults would say they “didn’t know” how old they were.  I honestly thought that was the most ludicrous thing I had ever heard.  Of COURSE you know how old you are!  What age did you turn on your last birthday???  I didn’t realize in those youthful years that birthdays just aren’t as big a deal to grown-ups as they are to kids.  In fact, kids’ birthdays are still a bigger deal—whether your own kids or grandkids or nieces or nephews.  Those are the fun ones to celebrate!  And yes, I’ve found myself actually pausing to think, “How old AM I?”

This week, daughter Abby and I decided to try something new and refinish an old chest of drawers that I had picked up for $15.  College kids need stuff they can move around and not worry about, and I thought this would fit the bill.  Abby was not so sure.  In fact, she told me it was downright ugly.  In truth, it really was.  But once we started sanding it and removing the previous stain layers, we found a solid wood, sturdy, useful piece of furniture.  Will it ever be as pretty as it once was?  Probably not…that old thing is at least 50 years old!  There are some scars and stains that won’t come out, but they add to its character.  Heaven knows, we all have those scars and stains—remnants from moments that taught us a lesson (Things like “be careful not to give a toddler a sharpie!” We’re pretty sure we found out why that old chest was stained so dark!)

So as I approach 50, I have to be honest.  I may not look as good as I once did, but those scars and stains have made for a good life…and I’m thankful.

Until next time ~ Karen


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