Nothing Matters


Nothing Matters

There was once a TV show based on nothing. It was about all the “nothing” that goes on in our lives. It was called Seinfeld. And it was a smash. Because we all have those “every-days” full of “nothing.”

Whatcha doin’?
What are you thinking about?
What’s on TV?
Nothing good.
How was your day?
Nothing special.
What are you writing about in your publisher column?
 I got nothing!

The other day, we were getting ready to leave our house. As I was on the driveway, my attention shifted to the powerline above. More than 11 years ago, some sweet friends (who had twin littles at the time) lived across the street from us. One day our doorbell rang. It seems they were flying a kite, which had gotten tangled on the powerline above our driveway. We told them not to worry about it, it would eventually come down. What we didn’t know is that this particular kite apparently has the half-life of uranium! Our friends have long since moved, but that kite has kept us in touch over the more than a decade they’ve been gone. An occasional texted photo – the latest one seen here – is always good for a giggle and a “Hello, we’re thinking of you!” Those little twins are going to graduate high school this year. I have many sweet memories of spending time with, and around, them while they did “nothing”…like fly a kite.

So today, I just want to remind you that, sometimes, those nothings that make up your day may actually be something important to someone else. And who knows? Maybe it will be something for a long, long time.

Go out and do a whole lot of nothing.

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