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I find life fascinating.  I think it’s interesting that, just when you think you know all about yourself, you have an “ah-ha!” moment where you learn why it is you do what you do!  I’ve had one (actually, several) of those recently.  In an effort to better understand each other, our company is going through a project called Strengths Finder.  It pinpoints your natural strengths so you are able to capitalize not only on your own strengths, but also work better as a team, utilizing each other’s strengths.

My number one strength is Positivity.

As I write this, I kind of laugh because the few people I’ve told look at me like, “duh.”  It makes me smile to think about the things we know about each other that are just “unsaid.”  I am drawn to people who are also positive.  I am drawn to situations that are positive and, when those situations are not positive, I look for the things that are positive in them.  And there’s ALWAYS something that is.

And yes, I’ve been in a few situations that were less than “ideal.”

PositivityWhat’s positive about spending 3 years in a wheelchair??? Being able to be eye-level with my 5 and 7 year olds while they tell me about their day at school; developing a deeper understanding for the frustrations of the permanently disabled (like people without a handicapped permit using a handicapped parking space); watching my children develop an attitude of helpfulness; and realizing with great impact (pun intended) that car accidents happen, and it could just as easily be me (or you) that isn’t here tomorrow.  If that’s the case, what did I leave you with?

POSITIVITY! At least that’s what I hope you’d think of!

It reminds me of a story a reader shared with me recently about a guy who fell 60 feet from a communications tower while working.  When he arrived in the emergency room, he saw the expressions of those taking care of him and knew he had to choose—live or die. One of the nurses was shouting questions at him and asked if he was allergic to anything. “Yes,” he replied.  “GRAVITY!!!”  His amazing attitude helped him get through that.  Choosing to live life fully and to enjoy every day God gives us is an amazing gift.  Life is all about choices.  When you cut away all the stuff…your reactions, your actions…they are all a choice.  Make choices that will make you happy.  Make choices that will make someone else happy.  Make choices that will make a difference.

Until next time ~ Karen

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