Just A Drop


Last week I was driving down the road toward home when a drop of rain hit my windshield. Just one drop. I scanned the skies, saw gray clouds, and prepared myself for rain. More sprinkles…something! But it didn’t come. There was only that one, single drop. As I looked at that drop, I began to notice the spot that one drop made on my dusty windshield. That one spot was now cleaner…as was the trail that the drop made as it traveled to the bottom of the glass. It made me start thinking about the significance of single things.

How often do we feel insignificant in this crazy, busy world in which we live? I hear it often – “I’d say something, but it wouldn’t matter,” or “I’d do something, but it wouldn’t make a difference.”


It only took one person to say, “I have a dream.” It only took one person to invent the light bulb. One iceberg sank the Titanic. One man listened to God and built an ark. One…matters.

There are things you do every day that matter. One smile, one kind word, one phone call to an elderly relative or shut-in, one e-mail sent to a friend you haven’t seen in years. One action that lets someone know they matter to you.

Personally, we have seen the impact of one idea; one magazine that has served to unite a community of friends from Huntsville, New Waverly, Madisonville and Trinity. And every one of you who share your photos with us and lets us know how much you like it, means the world to us. One mention to an advertiser means the world to them.

One magazine. One moment. One day. One person. One drop that leaves a trail.
Pick one today and make it count!

Until next time ~ Karen

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