It’s All About You…Both!


Each summer for the last few years, we here at Postcards Magazine have given away tickets for Schlitterbahn to our readers. We’ve had a lot of fun with this on our magazines’ Facebook pages, as we have gotten to see what our readers share with us and to find out what they think about certain topics. This month, we’ve decided to share a few of those comments with you here in our magazine instead of just on social media.

One of the questions we asked was about the advertisers our readers had found and used because of Postcards. There were SO many mentioned! What I found really fascinating (and affirming) is that the majority of those mentioned are advertisers who have been with us for many, many years—some from the very first issue in 2011!

It was just another reminder that, YES, there is a reason Pepsi and Coke and McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A have healthy marketing budgets year after year. It’s because people in today’s world are so busy (and have some much information thrown at them every hour of every day) that it is important to stay in front of people…

…people like our readers.

Savvy business owners know it’s important to maintain Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA), because when a business doesn’t, there’s another one waiting to take that spot in the mind of consumers.

You, our reader, are a hugely important part of this equation. It’s important you let these businesses know that they are on your mind. Let them know you have seen them in Postcards and appreciate them making your favorite magazine possible! (In fact, why don’t you pick one or two right now and give them a call?)

Last week, I was walking out of a restaurant when a sweet woman stopped me to ask if I was the lady that does Postcards. I told her I was, and she thanked me for the magazine. I thanked her for her kind comments and then headed to the car, because Wes and I were in a hurry headed on a road trip to see our daughter. Later, I was frustrated with myself for not getting her name and telling her what I normally would, which is, “Thank you for sharing that with me. It means more than you’ll ever know! Please also call and thank an advertiser, because they make what we do possible.” And I mean it.

But I want you to know we realize an important truth.
You both make it possible.

While our advertisers provide the dollars that help make the printing and postage and payroll of Postcards possible, YOU (the reader) help keep those advertisers in business. And those advertisers will know where to spend their advertising dollars only if you tell them you see their ads and you appreciate them. It’s really another example of community—one person helping another, one person sharing with another.

Thanks to you both—the readers and the advertisers. You truly make our community special!

Until next time,
  ~ Karen


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