It’s a Small World


earth-northern-hemisphereThis week, our daughter Abby texted me these words, “Okay, crazy small world,” to which I responded, “Yes, it is – what happened?”  And then…..I waited.

And waited………….

                                 And waited……..

Which reminds me of the love/hate relationship I have with texting.  It’s a great tool to have when you just need a quick answer like, “I’m at the restaurant – how many will be joining us so I can get a table?”   It’s also a good way to give your husband a list of what he needs to pick up at the grocery store or say a quick “Hi” or “I love you” to a family member.  But it is NOT a good substitute for a conversation or to tell a story! (I digress – so back to the story.)

After waiting a time I considered long enough and calling her, (“Mom, I was at work and couldn’t text! I sent that on a break to remind me to tell you.”) I found out one of the companies she is interning with this summer hired only two interns.  The district manager had just informed her the “other” intern said he knew Abby.  Turns out he is the son of my college roommate, who also went to ACU.

After we hung up, I thought about that. Who would have thought that, 30 years after rooming together in college, a girl from Clear Lake and a girl from Madisonville would both have children the same age, attending the same college, and getting the only two available internships from the same company the same summer in the same town?  It really is a small world!

It reminded me that what I do today…who I choose to invest time with, what I choose to say, when I choose to smile, or who I say a kind word to, really and truly may matter 30 years from now.  I hope so. I hope I choose wisely, and I hope you do, too.

Until next time ~ Karen

P.S.  Have you thanked an advertiser lately?  If not, please do!  Their ad is an investment in our community, and that certainly should matter to all of us.

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