From the Publisher: Adapt and Overcome


Last month, I wrote that I would see you at the ballpark…apparently not! Who would have ever thought our world could be turned so upside down in such a short period of time? It’s as if, in the span of a week, everything we know as normal was flipped, twisted, and turned inside out.

As the impact of “the virus” spreads throughout our country and state and city, the reality can seem sobering. Public gatherings and events are closed, canceled or postponed and the uncertainties continue. Economic realities are uneasy as well, as businesses are sensing hard times ahead. In times like this, it is normal to feel some level of anxiety; folks can even get caught up in feelings to the point of fighting over cases of water or toilet paper.

And yet…life goes on. We are adaptable. We will figure out our new normal. We are in this together.

At Postcards, we will continue to do what we do…highlighting the wonderful people and businesses that make up our incredible communities. One of the difficult things about publishing a magazine is the amount of lead time required for print and delivery, so we will utilize our Facebook pages to alert you to any changes made after we have published.

We encourage you to check websites or call before you head to events or public places until this crisis has passed.

We also encourage you to continue to do all you can to support each other. Take care of yourself. Be kind and thoughtful to your neighbor. Step outside and breathe some fresh air. Check on your family and your friends. Tell them you love them. And please know, we love you, our readers, too.

Until next time,

~ Karen


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