2016 07July Publisher FeatureWe humans are so funny. I’m talking about weird funny, not “ha-ha” funny–although we are certainly that, too (at least some of us).

We are never happy with what we have.

I was reminded of this during the recent rainstorms and flooding in our area. While the loss of life and property greatly saddens me, I also realize the blessing of the rainfall was just that–a tremendous blessing. Every time the water began to fall, I was thankful. Was I sick of it? Truthfully, yes, a little. But I was thankful because I remembered.

I remembered the summer I wrote my column during a drought. That summer, our beautiful piney woods were speckled with many, many dead and dying trees. Everywhere we looked, things were brown and dead and dying. People who live in desert areas are used to this, but we are not! I love living in the beauty and greenery of East Texas, and I suspect you do, too. During the drought, I made a promise. I promised I would never again complain about the rain. And I haven’t. I know others who made that same promise, but seem to have forgotten about it.

We want our trees and flowers to grow (plus, it saves us on the water bill). We want our crops to grow and food prices to be low. We want our lakes and stock tanks filled. We want our cities to have enough water and aquifers to be filled. We want rain.

But we don’t want too much of it.

We want what WE consider “enough,” which of course, is different for all of us! Don’t you know we must make God tired? We pray for rain, and then we pray for it to stop. We never have enough, or we have too much. That “just right” portion seems to be hard to agree on. There is at least one thing all the rain brings I am not thankful for–mosquitos! And unless you’re a bat, I’m betting we can all agree about that.

Until next time ~ Karen

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