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Lane Gregson

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What do primitive hunting implements and twenty-first century technology have in common? The answer is quite simple—Lane Gregson. Lane is owner of Ample Computer Services in Huntsville and has an avid interest in a very interesting craft, which we will unveil toward the end of this article. But first, let’s find out about this highly diversified technology business that calls Huntsville home. Lane started Ample Computer Services fifteen years ago, after working in other local computer businesses for the previous thirteen years. In establishing his company, his business ethics called for treating customers fairly and honestly and, as he says, “This approach has worked well for a long time.” We can all heartily agree with Lane’s comment, “I cannot stand being robbed when getting something fixed!”

Business-Computer-InsideHe and his staff excel at a good repair, and they make sure to perform when they are needed. The staff at Ample are a fun-loving and hard working group of eight, several who have been with the company for a number of years. They include Tracie Harper–office Manager, Lisa Paul–shipping and sales, Laura Jones–self-described “front desk girl,” Travis Thomas–in-shop technician, Allan Hall–technician, Jason Gouge–in-shop and onsite technician, and Michael Gooch–device technician. Lane and his staff have built a well-established, loyal, and extensive customer base from Pasadena to Oakwood. “Word of mouth” has been their most effective advertising over these years. Many of their clients are schools and businesses, including Centerville ISD and the coal company in Jewett. Lane and his staff work hard to meet all of their technology needs, providing equipment, consulting services, and maintaining service contracts with these companies. And let’s not forget about those of us in the residential customer base. He has many a loyal customer in our ranks, too!

Business-Computers-for-SaleAmple Computer Services sells Dell and HP computers, printers, and tablets and, in addition to keeping a good stock on hand, they will order other products as needed. They service and repair all of these products, including Macs, Elmo document cameras, projectors, and have now added cell phone repair to their “fix-it” list. They also build computers and will design these to the customer’s specifications. This can be a great benefit over buying a computer and then having to remove unwanted features, or having to change out the OS for a new one.

When servicing a maintenance contract for a school or business, their goal is to have as minimal disruption to the daily routine of the business as possible. In other words, in and out quickly. They bring all parts with them so that, by the end of the day, the problem is solved and the system is running smoothly again. Many of their client businesses have weekly or monthly servicing contracts, and Ample personnel stay in constant contact with these clients.

Business-Computer-CordsOther services? Oh yes! Ample will run cabling for infrastructures in businesses and in new and existing homes to accommodate your total technology needs, and install boosters for your existing internet service. They also set up cell phone and tablet features, which is helpful if you have younger children (or some of us in the older crowd) who need a simplified system with which to work. They also do webhosting. This is provided through servers they maintain. Lane mentioned that some of their business clients have opted to have Ample provide this service in addition to their current maintenance contract. He said these companies feel it is a benefit to write one check each month to cover all of their web and technology needs.

Business-Hard-DrivesWhen asked about maintaining home computers, Ample recommends a yearly cleaning to remove dirt and dust present due to the fans and electrical components. This can cause your unit to overheat or can disrupt the system. This cleaning will extend the life of your machine, a money savings over time. Laptops can be cleaned periodically at home by vacuuming or blowing out the dust in the vents. Ample will also give guidance on virus protection and installing updates as needed. Call them with any of your technology needs and questions. They will have the answer and solve your dilemma in an honest and efficient manner.

Business-Display-CaseNow, to the second topic of this article. Let’s focus on Lane, his views on Huntsville, and his interesting hobby. Lane grew up in Walker County, attending Huntsville schools from fifth grade on, graduating from Huntsville High School in 1983. He appreciates the small town feel of Huntsville, which includes minimal traffic (he likes to be on the go and not stalled in a long line of unmoving vehicles!) and knowing the people one encounters every day. He loves this area, especially the beautiful trees and wooded areas that Walker County boasts. Hunting and fishing are favorites of his, as well as his avid work in the field of flint knapping. Lane is a flint knapper. Flint knapping is the process of chipping away material from high silica stones like “flint” in a carefully controlled manner with special tools to produce sharp projectile points or tools such as arrowheads. A visit to Ample Computer Services will introduce you to the skill and artistry Lane possesses in the making of beautiful arrowheads and knives. A display case in the foyer is brimming with these exquisite works of art. He sells arrowheads either individually or in groupings. One grouping was framed and backlit with a “recycled” laptop screen. Several flint knives are on display as well. In discussing these, Lane said he has gutted and skinned deer easily with these super sharp instruments.

Business-ArrowheadsHow did he happen into this interesting hobby? As a nine year old, Lane lived with his grandmother in the Carolina Cove area. A neighbor observed he was constantly gathering rocks and suggested Lane go to a certain place to find some very interesting “rocks.” The area was laden with arrowheads, and a love was born! In asking Lane how he and his business give back to the community, I learned a portion of his commitment to Huntsville has been through his love of flint knapping. He gives demonstrations of this artful craft at area schools, the Sam Houston Museum, the Sam Houston Folk Festival, and the museum at Washington on the Brazos, the Gem Society in Humble, as well as at an archery convention in Oklahoma. His 40 year love of this art form has produced some truly beautiful pieces and has been an educational gift to this community.

Business-Ample-Mouse-PadBy the way, when shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts, you might, in addition to a tablet or computer, add a very handsome arrowhead or flint knife to the list. Ample has them all, and your gift recipient will thank you for a one-of-a-kind work of art. Ample Computer Services is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, and has been voted Best Computer Service by The Huntsville Item readers for several years. When you think of Ample Computer Services, just think “ONE STOP SHOP” for all your technology needs (and wants). They do it all, are fair and honest, and value their customers. Sounds like a great combination—flint knapping and online surfing with a computer from Ample!

1528 Ave O
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 291-0210


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