Author Claudia Kirkwood

0 Inspirations: Josh Spencer

Meet Josh Spencer, a native of Huntsville and son of Casey and Colleen Spencer. In 2011, Josh began
serving a three-year stint with the Peace Corps in Warrenton, South Africa. It proved to be three years
packed with struggles, surprises, problem-solving and the satisfaction of seeing lives changed.

Business Focus
1 Business Focus: Career & Technical Education at HISD

In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Smith-
Hughes Act, which provided federal aid to the states for the
purpose of promoting precollegiate vocational education. Formally known as National Vocational Education Act, this
education centered primarily on agricultural and industrial trades
and home economics. Although the name has changed over the
years, the program still thrives in high schools today. In fact,
91% of the Huntsville Independent School District high school students are currently enrolled in this program, now called the Career and Technical Program.

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