Amazing Debut!


I don’t even know where to begin. Remember when you were a kid and you stepped onto that roller coaster? You really weren’t “sure” you wanted to but deep down you knew you really did? And remember when you got off? You just accomplished that wild ride, and then you’d look at your friend and say, “Let’s do it again!” Well, here we go again! What a wild ride! What a wonderful, wild ride!

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So…thank you, thank you, thank you! The calls, the letters, the emails, the encouragement given as you’ve stopped us in Huntsville and Madisonville and New Waverly to say that you love what we’re doing has truly meant the world to us. We are overwhelmed, but in a great way! I’ll have to admit it may take a while to get used to being recognized by a photo in a magazine!

A tremendous amount of change has happened since your first issue of Postcards. First, we have added a website to our family. It is a work in progress, but please feel free to visit anytime! www.PostcardsLive.com is where you’ll find links to digital issues of our magazine. Issues will be available there for one year. We ran out of magazines so fast that this
project was put on “Fast Forward!” Next, we’ve also added a Facebook page to stay in touch and ask our readers questions. And finally, we’ve added even more pages to this issue to bring you more of what’s great about our area and living in this western edge of the Piney Woods. So stay tuned. Let us hear from you. We will continue to listen and try to give you what you’re asking for.

Until next time,
God Bless ~ Karen

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