Ibet Inyang Beneche

You could say Ibet Inyang Beneche is serious about comedy. The Huntsville native and former Postcards contributing writer graduated from Huntsville High School in 2011 and attended Syracuse University, followed by the University of Southern California. After the success of her web series Sigh, which

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Faith Farris

While on break from a busy world champion season on the road, Faith Farris of Midway, Texas took time to talk about her life as a world champion cutter, her best buddy Phil, and a life that is centered around all things equine – and

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An Advanced Dilemma

Happy fall, y’all! Cooler temperatures are on the way! The other day I experienced a terrible ordeal. I left home for an appointment and was about 15 minutes away, when I realized I had left my phone at home. After

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Uno Mas!

Hello September! It is hard to envision fall arriving since, as I write this, it is still over 100 degrees outside. However, in another three or four weeks, the pumpkins will begin to make their appearance around the Altom home

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Travelin’ Shoes

Years ago, when I was in college, a new gospel singing group made its appearance. They called themselves Acappella.  Founder Keith Lancaster believed the human voice was the greatest instrument God ever created, and he set out to glorify God

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We Have a STORIED Past

Starting in January, we began the ten year celebration of the publication of Postcards Magazine. As we celebrate this year, I have tried to write down memories that have come up during our reminiscing. This month, I thought I’d share one

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I’m Just a Busy – Body

“Busy, busy, busy!” My first memory of that phrase was from one of my all-time favorite childhood shows, Frosty the Snowman. I can still see and hear the evil little magician Professor Hinkle saying, “Busy, busy, busy!” in his high-pitched,

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