Rock Steady Boxing

They’re fighters. Each week they work on balance, strength and cognitive function to counteract the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. And they do it with boxing gloves. The phenomenon known as Rock Steady Boxing began in 2006 when Scott Newman, an Indiana attorney, was diagnosed with

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Flatland Cavalry

Flatland Cavalry

Since their humble beginnings playing music in Lubbock, Texas, Flatland Cavalry has taken their old-school, yet uniquely fresh sound across

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Jack Gunion

Twice, Jack Gunion retired. Twice, he discovered that the retirement lifestyle—with nothing more interesting to do than tally

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Spare Change

We all know change is part of life.  Some changes are wonderful. Some, not so great.  And some are downright funny. THE WONDERFUL. Since writing my last column, Wes and I have been blessed with the addition of two more

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Ever-present Fathers

There is a good side and a bad side to everything. I was recently reminded of that when it comes to home ownership. While it is wonderful to own the place you lay your head at night, the hassle of

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For the past two decades, I have run our businesses from a home office.  There are definitely pros and cons to officing at home.  The biggest pro being I can go to work in my pajamas.  The biggest con being

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Getting to the ROOTS of the Matter

Recently my sweet husband and I had the blessing to attend a beautiful wedding down south of us in the Shiner area. On the way down, we were passing through Yoakum, which is the area where my Dad was born

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The Bell Tolls for Me

Last month in my column I mentioned a story I would share once I recovered from the shame.  I haven’t recovered. But I am going to share anyway. As you know, I am a huge proponent of shopping local and

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