The Lowdown on Downtown!

“Every success story is a constant adaptation, revision and change.” Richard Branson When Justin Killingsworth, current and re-elected president of Downtown Business Alliance returned to Huntsville, he knew he wanted to bring change to downtown Huntsville–and that in order to do so, he had to

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The curtain rises. The production begins. The spotlight illumines the cast of Bella Luna Studios. Villa Bella Luna, “The House of the Beautiful Moon,” is a French name that was given to the home of Chip and Windy Looney as they were welcomed on their

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Michelle Rochinski

Even in the exhilarating aftermath of her team’s undefeated, 41-victory season, Coach Michelle Rochinski is reluctant to boast.

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What did you do on your 50th birthday? Of course, not everyone can answer that question, because some

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Karen Altom Postcards

Nothing Matters

There was once a TV show based on nothing. It was about all the “nothing” that goes on in our lives. It was called Seinfeld. And it was a smash. Because we all have those “every-days” full of “nothing.” Whatcha

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Fifty is Nifty!

I know some of you may see that headline and think I’m talking about turning 50.  To you I say, “Thank you,” because I saw fifty a few years ago!  To you who immediately thought, “She’s lying,” I might be

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Spare Change

We all know change is part of life.  Some changes are wonderful. Some, not so great.  And some are downright funny. THE WONDERFUL. Since writing my last column, Wes and I have been blessed with the addition of two more

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Ever-present Fathers

There is a good side and a bad side to everything. I was recently reminded of that when it comes to home ownership. While it is wonderful to own the place you lay your head at night, the hassle of

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