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Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: Newman’s Castle

On arriving, we join the crowd gathered at the front, awaiting Mr. Newman’s arrival from inside the castle. His personal home is surrounded by a moat covered in lily pads, with a tall tower at each corner of the castle. He walks out over the drawbridge and introduces himself to the crowd, wearing a crown and wielding a sword. Referring to himself as…

Texas Treasures
2 Texas Treasures: Roberts-Farris Cabin

Built in 1840, constructed of pine rafters and hand-split shingles, the Roberts-Farris Cabin, located on the Square in downtown Huntsville, is not a typical Welcome Center.
Hezekiah Farris, a Tennessee native who moved to the area now known as Walker County in 1835 to stake his claim on the opportunity for free land, ended up being recruited to fight alongside General Sam Houston…

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