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Texas Treasures
0 Texas Treasures: Collin Street Bakery

Off 7th Avenue in Corsicana, Texas sits a large two-story brick building, with most of the front large windows stretching from ground to roof. In front of the building is a landscaped area with some benches for sitting and a large …

Texas Treasures
0 Texas Treasures: Moody Gardens

If you have never been to Moody Gardens, or you haven’t been lately, you are missing out! Moody Gardens, which opened in 1986, is a tourist destination with a golf course and hotel in Galveston, Texas. The public, non-profit educational destination…

Texas Treasures
0 Texas Treasures: La King’s

Amongst the shops and old brick buildings that make up Old Galveston Square sits a special little place offering a sweet treat for everyone, young and old. Nestled in a wall of shops is a warm and wonderful little place that has been a constant to many people over many years. If you’ve got a sweet tooth (or ALL sweet teeth), you are…

Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: SHSU Ring Ceremony

When Sam Houston joined the U.S. Army in 1813, his mother Elizabeth Houston understood her son’s decision. She called Sam to her side and handed him a musket saying, “Never disgrace it—for remember, I had rather all my sons should fill one honorable grave, than one of them should turn his back to save his life.” She told him to always remember…

Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: Old Town Theatre

Old Town Theatre, now known as J. Philip Gibbs, Jr. Centre for the Performing Arts, stands at 1023 12th street amid the historic buildings of town square in Huntsville. The theatre was originally…

Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: Newman’s Castle

On arriving, we join the crowd gathered at the front, awaiting Mr. Newman’s arrival from inside the castle. His personal home is surrounded by a moat covered in lily pads, with a tall tower at each corner of the castle. He walks out over the drawbridge and introduces himself to the crowd, wearing a crown and wielding a sword. Referring to himself as…

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