2015 08Aug Publisher FeatureAs August arrives, it always brings three to mind.


It also reminds me how rapidly the year passes (and how time passes in general). We all get the January 1st New Year reminder, but we often forget there is another type of new year that marks time for so many in our communities.

As I thought about school starting, I was reminded of the year our family hosted a foreign exchange student from Denmark. I remember his first day at Huntsville High School, and how he came home totally overcome by the size of the school and the number of students, along with the fact that students move from class to class (In Denmark, the teachers change classrooms rather than the students). It was a little overwhelming! I also remember how he said his head hurt from trying to go between the two languages. He went on to explain that, in his head, he would answer (or think an answer) in Danish, then have to think about how to translate that to English as he spoke. It was exhausting!

As our children and young adults start back to school, let’s remember that learning is their “job,” and sometimes it’s a tough one. And sometimes they have a headache, too! Just think about our language. Whether a first grader or a foreign exchange student (or even some of us adults), it’s tough to understand homonyms! I have a friend who still doesn’t know when to use their, there, and they’re. Or how about to, too, and two? Or pray and prey? And my personal favorite: aisle, I’ll, and isle! No wonder it’s confusing!

Be encouraging to all those students – little and big alike. If you’re not doing so already, challenge yourself to be a learner and to learn something new—every day.

Until next time ~ Karen

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