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publisher-jetsonsToday, I took my son lunch at school and, on the way, I visited face-to-face with my daughter. We talked about one of her favorite subjects, horses.  I grew up with horse people in my family. If you know the Farris family, you know what I mean.  That gene skipped me, and our daughter got a double dose.  What’s fascinating about this face-to-face conversation is I never thought it could happen.  There’s no estrangement between us or anything like that. I just never thought I would have a conversation like this in MY lifetime, because this was one of which cartoons were made!

Some of you aren’t going to understand the reference I am about to make, but many of you will. When I was a kid, there was no Cartoon Network™ or Disney Channel™.  Disney® movies weren’t available to watch at home. You had to go to the movie theatre. It was a big deal!  The first movie I remember my parents taking us to was 101 Dalmatians, and it still has a special place in my memories. Even so, one of our most anticipated moments each week was when Saturday morning cartoons came on television!  It was the only time they aired, and we only got one channel, so whatever they had on was our favorite!

Do you remember The Jetsons?  If you don’t, it was about a Space Age family that lived in the future. They had a robot maid named Rosie, as well as all kinds of time-saving inventions and contraptions that worked (most of the time) with the push of a button.  I remember those video phone calls between Jane Jetson and husband George. How cool was that? Not to mention the ease of parking his flying car!

RosieWhich brings me back to my conversation with my daughter.  This conversation took place over my cell phone via FaceTime.  It was a video call; I got to see her, and she got to see me. What’s super special about this is I was in Huntsville, Texas in my CAR, while she was halfway across the world in Leipzig, Germany!  Parts of my childhood cartoon world have arrived, and it has sure made it easier to be so far away.

Now, if I can just locate Rosie…

Until next time ~ Karen


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