Weighty Matters


Weighty Matters

A new year tends to bring new resolve in many areas of life. This resolve often manifests itself in the form of resolutions. If you’re like most Americans, usually at least one of these has to do with weight.


As I thought about the arrival of the new year and resolutions, I thought of weight first. And then I REALLY thought about weight…and decided 2022 could be the year to deal with it. To REALLY deal with all the things that weigh us down.


Have you ever tried running while holding a sack of feed or carrying another person on your back? My guess is you may be doing it now. We all have things in our life that weigh us down. While I can quickly think of things that apply in my life, yours may be different. Each of us carries our own baggage and cannot readily understand another’s. Here are a few things that may be weighing you down:


The way you’re accustomed to thinking. If you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle, stop and examine your thought processes. Changing the way you think can be the first step to changing your life, your reality, and your perspective!


Your perspective. The way you see the world differs from your friend or neighbor. Different memories, life lessons, and theories all shape our perspective. A person’s perspective is their reality. Sometimes, it does us good to view life from another perspective.


Wasted time. We all waste time, but the trick is minimizing the time wasted. I am not advocating to fill every minute of your day, because sometimes the most productive thing you can do is lie on the couch and daydream.


~ Past failures and relationships. Every single one of us has failed. Even computers fail. Learn from the failures. Let them go.


Habits. You may love them, you may hate them, but down deep, you also know they aren’t good for you. Lighten your load and make changes.


Information Overload. Never have we had as much access to information as we do now. It’s easy to be overwhelmed without even knowing it. Avoid processing worthless information that takes time, energy, and memory space.


A job you hate. Many of us have been there, but life is too short to be in a job that makes you never want to wake up. Ask yourself, “If I could do anything…what would I do?” Then do it and smile.


Negative people and friends that hold you back. Sometimes we outgrow friends. Sometimes we change. I once heard that God brings people into your life – sometimes for a reason and sometimes for a season. If they were “reason” or “season” friends, move on.


Unhealthy lifestyle. Why are you doing this? I bet if you answer this question, change will be easier.


Poor self-image. There’s only one of you, and God made you just the way you are. If you don’t like something, change it, but change it for yourself. You don’t need to be weighed down by what others think of you. God loves you…and so do I.


Happy New Year – lose the weight!


Karen Altom

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