We Have a STORIED Past


We Have a STORIED Past

Starting in January, we began the ten year celebration of the publication of Postcards Magazine. As we celebrate this year, I have tried to write down memories that have come up during our reminiscing. This month, I thought I’d share one of my favorites.

 When we began the magazine, we were asked lots of questions from community members. Some were things we were ready to answer, and some were things we really had not thought of yet! One of my favorite questions came from my friend Dr. Tim Deahl when I was in for a visit with him. At the time, we were transitioning from a quarterly magazine to publishing bi-monthly. We had already published more than a year, and Tim asked me, “How are you going to get enough story ideas to keep this thing going?” That question gave me a moment’s pause before I replied, “You know, our goal is to be a community magazine for our area…and everyone has a story, whether they find themselves interesting or not!” And you know what? That was over 550 stories ago!

I think I’ve been proven right – because even those stories where the individuals think they are uninteresting allow us the opportunity to get to know someone else in our community a little better! I truly believe that with knowledge, understanding and unity can follow.

Ten years of sharing community, and we still want to remind you to take a moment and look at the advertising on each of the included pages. EVERY one of these businesses, from the smallest ad to the largest, is a partner with us in bringing you this magazine each month. If you enjoy what we do, please make it a point to let them know. Visit them. Call them. Tell them you appreciate them…because I assure you, we certainly do!



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