It seems our world today requires constant updates. You have to update your passwords, update your computer programs, update your phones, and even update entire websites and systems just to stay current.  And of course, current will be “old” the day after tomorrow!

I think, however, I have always been a believer in updates. Back before the ease of communication we have now, I was an avid letter writer and card sender. I made many, many phone calls – I wanted to stay updated and be in the know about those I care about, and I wanted them to know that I cared for them, too.  I still believe in updates, but now I am able to do that through emails, Facebook, other social media sites, and those continuing all-important phone calls!

I’m excited to share our latest update with you. We’ve been working on our new website for months and are tickled to share it with you!  We’ve taken your suggestions and the things you’ve asked for and incorporated them into our site at www.PostcardsLive.com.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Access exclusive content that’s only available online (we don’t have room for EVERYTHING in our printed pages!)
  • Share your favorite stories on Facebook and social media sites with the click of a mouse
  • Use our easy search tool – will help you find that pound cake recipe you want, but can’t remember the name of!
  • Link to our Facebook pages (for Piney Woods or Montgomery County), where you can interact with community, plus have a chance to win prizes!
  • Read digital versions online anywhere!  Your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone!
  • Find out more about advertising your business.  Readers can click on your ad and be taken directly to your website, Facebook page, or email…and it’s NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • Share with us!  One easy spot to send us photos of grandchildren, pets, special birthdays and anniversaries, tell us what books you’re reading, submit a calendar item or a nomination for Star Students or Touching Tomorrow.  Send us your memories of things your Granddaddy said or the cute thing your child said. Send us jokes, questions, and story suggestions.  SHARE with us!  It’s our favorite thing about what we do!

Do you feel updated?  We hope so!  It’s a big job, and the updates will keep happening, because we want to keep sharing community and making it as easy as possible for you to find what you need and want.  In the meantime, please thank an advertiser.  They really do make all of this possible!

Until next time ~ Karen


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