Updates: Ralph and Mary Lou Riggs


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October-November 2012 Issue


A little more than two years ago, we profiled Mary Lou and Ralph Riggs, as Ralph approached his 100th birthday.  The pair remained robust, and continued in good health until Ralph was beset by a sudden gall bladder attack in March of 2014.  He passed away April 1, 2014, having lived a long, happy life, including 80 years of marriage to Mary Lou, who is looking forward to her 101st birthday on May 6, 2015.  It’s not clear what she has planned for her 101st birthday, but as part of her centenary celebration, she rode a horse. According to her son John, “She is still active.  She drives to Huntsville a couple of times a week for water aerobics and still goes to church almost every Sunday.”  She has, however, retired from pitching horseshoes.  The Riggs’ children are also doing well. Jim (78) lives in Lufkin; Ralph, Jr (73), lives in Palestine; John (72) lives in Riverside; Margie (70) lives in Willis; Charlie (68) lives in The Woodlands; and Mariann Lisenby is the baby (60), who lives in Willis.  They are all, according to John, becoming increasingly grateful for their parents’ genetic inclination to longevity.


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