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PW – December 2013 Issue

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It has been a big year for Big Little Fudge. Made in Montgomery, Big Little Fudge is now sold in virtually every state. The company recently signed with McLane, a distribution company that serves convenience stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies throughout the country.

“It’s kind of difficult to get on with them, so that was a huge accomplishment,” says Robin Strickland, the “big boss” (co-founder) of Big Little Fudge. “We know it’s going to open up a number of doors.” During the holidays, Big Little Fudge was available in Dillard’s department stores, Michael’s craft stores, Hastings book stores and Books-a-Million.

When Big Little Fudge recently partnered with Go*Vets Foundation, it began producing fudge in camo wrappers . Big Little Fudge donates 12 percent of its profits from camo-wrapped fudge to the foundation, which provides job training and placement for veterans who have completed their military service.

Big Little Fudge has also created its own coffee blends, with a flavor to match each flavor of fudge. Meanwhile, production of fudge has nearly doubled during the past year; the company makes about 1,000 pounds of fudge per day at its headquarters in Montgomery. Fudge is sold at the storefront, as well as online. For more information about Big Little Fudge, visit its web site (biglittlefudge.com) or become a “fudge face” by following its Facebook page.

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