Uno Mas!

Uno Mas!

Hello September! It is hard to envision fall arriving since, as I write this, it is still over 100 degrees outside. However, in another three or four weeks, the pumpkins will begin to make their appearance around the Altom home as we prepare for the upcoming season. I am sure my family will once again ask this year, “How many pumpkins do you need?” And I will again answer, “One more!”

I think, if we are honest, that is something we all have in common. The “one mores.” When I think of my “one more” items, pumpkins and throw pillows come to mind immediately. I also never get tired of traveling; it’s our hobby, and I am always planning “one more” trip as soon as we are on the way home from the last one. Some of our “one more” things are not very good for us. I had to stop baking our favorite cookies because the recipe made a huge batch, and it was too easy to have just “one more!” (I know I could have halved the recipe, but as long as you’re baking, you bake enough to share, right?…shhh!)

This month, we have “one more” special interview to share with you. Thanks to our friend Brian Smith, Wes and I were honored to recently spend time with Mr. Red Steagall. Brian connected us, and Mr. Steagall invited us to his ranch outside of Fort Worth for an opportunity to interview him and share his story with our readers. It was a special day and another memorable event celebrating our 10th anniversary.

If you have been to our website lately, you may have seen the link to our Postcards Photo Contest. We have had a lot of fun looking at all the great photos you have submitted, and we can’t wait to announce the winners in the November issue. Winners will be featured on one of our covers, and the grand prize winner could win a stay at the Margaritaville Lake Conroe resort! We are accepting entries through the end of September, so get your submissions in!

In closing, I want to take “one more” opportunity to remind you to thank our advertisers. So many of you thank us for bringing this to you each month, but we want to give credit where credit is due. Our advertisers make what we do possible, and we think the world of them. Do us a favor–pick up the phone, call one of the friendly businesses within these pages, and tell them you appreciate it, too!

Until next time,
Karen Altom 

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