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Unique and Unusual


I wrote the headline of this column prior to actually writing the body, and then I had to chuckle when I saw it!

Lots of things started going through my head as I thought about what our readers would “guess” I was writing about!  You know what’s even funnier?  I don’t know!

Let me clarify.  I know….but I don’t.  Did that help?  Since I’m being about as clear as mud, I’ll explain.

One of the most fun things about publishing this magazine is how much we continue to learn about this little piece of Texas we call home.  We are constantly amazed by all of the unique people and stories we come across.  We get so many ideas sent in to us, it sometimes takes quite a while to get them in print.  In fact, we want to let you know that we LOVE hearing from you, and we want you to keep contacting us – even if it does take us a while!

So, back to what I’m writing about—the unique and the unusual.

In addition to all of these UNIQUE people and stories, there are some really UNUSUAL stories out there, too.  They may even be things that have happened in your own life that you consider “no big deal” or “old news.”  They may be the stories that you tell at a dinner party or in a big group.

So,  here’s what I don’t know.

We don’t know your unusual story.  But we’d like to!

Maybe you were a guest on a game show?  Maybe your babysitter is now a movie star?  Maybe you once had your car stolen when an  escaped convict broke into your home? Maybe a friend from high school became a famous author?

For the record, I know the above stories are real and know the people to whom these stories belong.  Debra Clopton, the high school friend mentioned above, is the subject of one of this month’s feature stories.

We thought it might be interesting to find out more.  So, let us know and share away!

Please remember that our advertisers are the ones who make it possible for us to do what we do, so take a moment and thank one (or more) of them today!

Until next time ~ Karen


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