Thinking on Thanking


Psalm 136Recently, during an advertisement on a Houston radio station, I heard a prominent businessman pose the question, “What if all you had left tomorrow is what you thanked God for today?”

Two things struck me about this.  First, the profundity of it.  In an instant, an unexpected single “What if” interrogatory hit hard, knocked me to my knees, took me from the hectic business of my world into a conversation with God, and forced me to realize how much He provides that I take for granted.

Secondly, I noted the boldness of the faith behind the radio ad.  In a society which continually finds new lows of shunning God in the name of not offending anyone, here was a man boldly proclaiming his faith and encouraging others to do the same.

What a positive, refreshing, and meaningful surprise.  May God give us thankful hearts, bolder faith, and a few more timely “What if” questions to consider.


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