The Power of Hope


I have been told by many that grandchildren are the best thing about getting older. I wouldn’t know.

For those who think I am rushing my newlywedded children, and the not so newlywedded ones, to have children—hear me. I am NOT. They can take their time, and I will gladly wait to be a grandmother (although I do already have my grandmother name picked out, but that is for another column). I am content waiting, because while I wait, we are enjoying four grand-dogs, three grand-cats, two grand-horses and as of last night, 18 (yes, 18!) grand-chicks. I truly think those came along just because I said all of our “grands” had four legs!

If you have a friend who is a grandparent, you are aware of the stories you constantly hear about how smart and beautiful and exceptional their grandchildren are. So, it’s my turn. I’d like to tell you about Zeus. Zeus was born here. His mother was my Husky and his dad Wes’ German Shepherd. I’m not sure I would classify Zeus as exceptionally intelligent, although we think he is quite attractive. He has an unusual look with eyes that are different colors—one a bright blue and the other dark brown. That one blue eye was courtesy of his mother.

Zeus contracted parvo when he was a puppy and he was very sick. We weren’t sure he would make it, but with awesome medical care, he did. After that, he was pretty timid around strangers, but he loved Ryan Boyd, so he went to live with him. As we’ve watched Zeus grow, he has taught us many lessons, but none more powerful than the lesson on hope. Zeus can spend all day outside, but he knows the minute he hears people in the house, he has a chance of coming inside for loves and pets (and maybe a snuggle on the couch). Abby and Ryan’s other two dogs give up after a few minutes and go to play in the yard or chase squirrels or whatever they can find to do…but not Zeus. Once he knows you’re there, he doesn’t budge. He never loses hope…never. He can sit and wait for hours, because he knows the reward WILL come, he just doesn’t know when.

Zeus reminds me of how we should wait for the Lord’s return, His plans for us, and His answers to prayer—ever watchful and never giving up hope. I guess I have a pretty incredible grand-dog after all!

Until next time,

 ~ Karen


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