The Law of Averages


If all goes according to plan, this magazine should be in your hands as the days of 2016 are winding down. As I reflected on this past year, days came to mind that created a veritable roller coaster of emotions. Our family experienced the heartbreaking lows of losing cherished loved ones, the incredible highs of engagements and weddings, and we experienced the humdrum of lazy days, along with the workdays where you think you’ll never get it all done.

We experienced life.

Just like you.

I know our experiences aren’t the same. Your life stuff looks different than my life stuff…kind of… and it’s kind of the same.

As we enter 2017, I want to leave you with a thought. It is a profound little jewel my husband has shared for years, and one especially valuable on those days when our kids were having a “bad day.” He would ask them if this is the worst day they’ve ever had. Then he’d remind them it certainly wasn’t their best day, either…so, in the grand scheme of life—it was just an average day. You’re only going to have ONE “best day of your life” and ONE “worst day of your life.” When you realize that, average days can become pretty special, and they certainly don’t have to be bad.

That average day may be the last day you see someone on this earth. That average day may end up holding one little treasure of a moment that will make you smile for years to come. Your part in someone else’s average day may mean more than you will ever know.

So, here’s to all the average days we have in store for 2017. May your average days be more above average than below, and may you be blessed as you do life.

Happy New Year ~ Karen


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