“I’ve got no strings, so I have fun. I’m not tied up to anyone. They’ve got strings, but you can see—there are no strings on me.” –Pinocchio

2015 07July MustardSeed FeatureThe loveable Disney character was fooled, but so are many people today.  The online world is full of people searching for hookups and relationships with NSA (no strings attached).  Contemplate the irony of seeking a fuller life through emptiness (…actually, God loves irony!).  It’s the right idea, but the wrong tactic.  Scripture tells us by losing ourselves we find ourselves, and through dying to self comes fullness of life—in Him.

Contrast the above song’s lyrics to the children’s church song which says, “I’m all wrapped up, I’m all tied up, I’m all tangled up in Jesus…”  It’s what we choose to fill ourselves with that makes all the difference!  Self-focus leads to emptiness and being unfulfilled.  Connection and surrender to God grants blessings, love, peace, acceptance, understanding, mercy, and a desire for meaningful relationship with others.  May God help us to see through Satan’s illusions and to embrace those Biblical ironies which seem foolish to the world.

People yearn for
so-called freedom,

They whine and pray,
“Lord, give me wings!”

But I’m not fooled
by this charade.

So as for me…
give me strings.

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly, well tied together by the nourishment every connecting bond supplies. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.  –Ephesians 4:16

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