I get almost giddy at the thought! You’d think that I like gardening or something, but I really don’t – I leave that to my sweet mother-in-law. However, over the years she has taught me to love (and even know the names of ) flowers and trees and all things green (we aren’t talking about crawly things here). I appreciate the hard work that goes into making yards and gardens beautiful. I want mine to look that way – I just don’t want to do it! Very soon the redbud trees and tulip trees will bloom, and there will be more shades of green than you can imagine as nature awakens from its winter slumber. So, yes, I love spring! Over the years I have noticed that the trees aren’t the only things that awaken from a winter slumber. It seems that we do as well. March seems to herald the return of activity to our area! The county fairs arrive and bring everyone out to see the efforts of all the youth who have worked so hard during our winter nap. Softball and baseball teams take to the fields of green and bring us out to cheer for those involved. All of these activities serve as ways to reconnect us as community.

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And speaking of community, one of my favorite things about Huntsville has to be the flags that line our streets during holidays and special occasions throughout the year. EVERY time I see them I get a little more patriotic and a little more in love with our town. This project is overseen and managed by the Huntsville Lions Club and (for only $25 a year) you can help sponsor this special work. If you are interested in helping, go to their website, www.huntsvilletxlions.org, to download a form.

How are you doing on OUR resolutions? Are you more conscious of local merchants? I sure hope so. I also hope you’ve thanked one of our advertisers with either a phone call or, better yet, a purchase! If you haven’t done that yet, may I encourage you to choose one or two and just give them a call? Let them know you enjoy Postcards Magazine™. I love that you tell ME…please tell them too! Wishing you a wonderful spring full of joy in your heart.

Until next time ~ Karen

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