Spare Change


Spare Change

We all know change is part of life.  Some changes are wonderful. Some, not so great.  And some are downright funny.

THE WONDERFUL. Since writing my last column, Wes and I have been blessed with the addition of two more grandsons.  Not twins, but almost!  Born two weeks apart, Sutton Marshall Altom and Deacon Lanier Boyd made their entrance into this world and expanded this “Sassy’s” heart again.  When a friend asked how it felt to go from one grandson to three in just a few days’ time, Wes commented it’s the best return on an investment we’ve seen this year!

THE NOT SO GREAT.  Last month, I mentioned the great flood event. What I didn’t mention is the horrible allergic reaction my husband had.  Apparently, fiberglass dust settles in the walls, and when baseboards were removed and high-powered fans brought in to dry everything out, we found out how allergic to fiberglass he really is.  The joys of the unknown. 

THE DOWNRIGHT FUNNY.  Like most of you I am guessing, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Most days, I really love it. It certainly can make life simpler, and it is very easy to get spoiled.  Case in point: ALEXA.  I love her.  I can tell her to turn on my living room lamps – and turn them off when I’m ready to go to bed. She reminds me to get my clothes out of the dryer.  She starts my day by telling me the weather report (very uninteresting as of late), what’s on my calendar for the day, and then plays my favorite music.  One of the ways all this works is through an app on my phone.  The other day as Wes and I were driving down the freeway, I realized I had said the “A” word in conversation, and the app indicated Alexa was waiting for me to speak.  So, I said STOP…which is what you say when you want “A” to stop.  However, it is NOT what your husband wants to hear when driving 75 miles an hour down the freeway!  His confusion over why I wanted him to stop and my confusion over why he was confused led to a good few minutes of laughter.  And as my brother Jon would say, “That right there’s funny, no matter who you are!”

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