Someone’s Confused


2016-11nov-publisher-featureThe mail has always had a special place in my daily routine. I know for some of my friends it was a kind of mysterious thing that just “appeared” in their mailboxes, but I knew how it got there. My dad was a rural carrier for the postal service for 30 years, and I knew there were lots of hard working men and women who made sure everything got in the right mailboxes.

But I think someone is confused.

My mailbox has been filled with some interesting things of late, and let me assure you, I am not complaining about the post office. Everything in my mailbox is addressed to me.

That’s why I think someone is confused.

I don’t know if it’s a mail house somewhere or someone who thought this was all funny (and it is), but if mail could be schizophrenic, you’d understand my mailbox. During the past few weeks, I have received Harper’s Bazaar magazine, to which I have never subscribed, followed by Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines…addressed to ME. Now, there ARE days I feel like a teenager, but I didn’t think anyone had noticed!

Just a couple of days ago, however, I received a Guide to College Education Choices. Of course, I immediately assumed it was for one of my kids, who are both college age.

Nope…addressed to me…sorta.

It was actually addressed to Karen Stevens—my maiden name. I’ve only been Karen Altom for 24 years, so I guess that mailing list is a bit dated? Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, and the College Education Guide. I was feeling quite youthful and jazzy.

And then it happened.

In the same mail box…delivered the same day as the college guide…there it was…the AARP magazine!

Someone’s confused. And it’s not me. (I don’t think.)   

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy today’s youthful feeling and be thankful for it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Karen

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