Publisher Column: Thankful Thoughts


For me, the month of November always brings with it the word THANKFUL. I am sure it began because of the way I was raised. November meant Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving meant lots of family and lots of food. It was a holiday in the Stevens family that would include singing church songs at some point during the day as my Dad’s entire family would gather. Years later, it would include stopping to pause, with each of us naming that for which we were thankful.

Thankful and thanksgiving are most assuredly what is on my mind this season. As I write this, Wes and I have just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Those 27 years have seen many changes–just like, I’m sure, the last two and a half decades have for you. We have experienced highs and lows. We have raised a daughter and a son. We have watched both our children marry, and we have welcomed another son and daughter into our fold. We have also recently been informed a baby Altom is on the way–we are to become grandparents in 2020! Thankful, indeed.

There are always moments, even in thanksgiving, that are bittersweet. As we are excited to think forward to our new family addition, we are sad that three of his four great-grandparents are no longer here to help us welcome him. But the foundations they laid–the framework of the families they built -are strong and solid and will be here when he arrives. Thankful, indeed.

The community into which he will be born – the one you are part of – encourages and supports young people. It’s one that still values faith and family and friendships! It’s one we know will embrace and love him as we have been embraced and loved. Thankful, indeed.

This community. This wonderful place we call home is made this way because of local people, local organizations, and local business owners who pour their lives out as they try to make our home an even better place to live. I’m incredibly thankful to them, and I hope you are, too. And to you – our reader – thank you for welcoming us into your home every month. We don’t take that lightly, and we are Thankful beyond words

Until next time,
~ Karen


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