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     October already? (Or as I prefer to call it, Pumpkin Palooza!)

     My family says I have a problem. I truly love pumpkins. There’s just something about decorating with them that makes me giddy over fall being here and the holidays approaching. When I’m asked, “How many pumpkins do you need?”, my answer is always the same. “One more!”

     Those of you who have known our family for a long time are aware that, back in 2002, we decided to adopt a foreign exchange student into our home. His name was Jeppe (pronounced Yebba, for all us East Texans), and he was from Denmark. It was a truly wonderful experience, and we became friends with his entire family.

     Recently, I was contacted by a local friend about the possibility of hosting again. Wes and I had actually considered it a few weeks prior to this contact and decided that now was really not a good time. We are involved in so many things…and that, along with being on a healthy eating plan, just seemed to make it a less than opportune time.

     God decided otherwise.

     I won’t bore you with the entire story, but suffice it to say, we welcomed Viktor to our home this week. Viktor is 17 years old and from Kazakhstan. He loves working on his school magazine back home, (see what I mean?) and wants to experience how Americans celebrate the holidays. (Did I mention pumpkins?)

     Yesterday, we registered Viktor for high school, and I filled out lots of paperwork. This morning as I was getting ready for the day, it dawned on me that the year Jeppe was here was the year Viktor was born. This got me thinking…some little boy is being born somewhere this year, and someday he is going to want to come to school in America for a year. Y’all better start guring out where he’s gonna stay, because we will be too OLD!

     But in the meantime, if you see us around, you’ll know who he is. We look forward to showing him how much we love our country, the great state of Texas, and the amazing Postcards  community! And speaking of those we love – be sure to show some love to our advertisers. They deserve it!

Until next time,

~ Karen


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