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Whew. What a month. I must start this column this month by thanking each of you for your prayers and your kind words of condolence following the untimely passing of our friend and team member Chris Blair. We are trying to adapt to our new normal and, while we do, we need to ask for your help.

Chris was the keeper of all your submissions. He knew what had run and what hadn’t. He knew how many pet photos were in the files for the upcoming issues; how many grandchildren we would be featuring; and which vacation photos would be shared…you get the point. What you don’t know is that Chris’ computer (and the majority of that information) was with him at the time of his accident and was also lost. Because of that, we are a little unsure as to the status of some of your submissions. So, here’s where we need your help — and your understanding.

If you had sent something to us, and we haven’t published it yet, please understand we may no longer have it. If you would do us the favor of sending it again, we would be incredibly appreciative. If you sent something to us in the last thirty days, we SHOULD have it, but if you want to be sure by sending it again, that’s okay, too!

All this leads me to share something important with you, and as my Daddy would sometimes say from the pulpit when he was preaching, “If I’m pointing one finger at you, I’m pointing three back at myself!” So here goes:

In today’s digital world – back it up, and write it down! Did we have backup files? Of course! That’s why we were able to get a magazine out to you last month on time. But, there were still quite a few things only on that one computer. Did Chris have a backup drive? Yes, he did. But no one, including his family, can get to the files and the thousands of photos stored there, because the passwords are unknown.

Passwords are so important, but you might want to write them down and put them in a safe deposit box or a safe where your loved ones can access them if needed. Ours are going to the safe deposit box. There are so many accounts that have to be changed or closed when someone passes away. Trying to nd all that information or get it reset is incredibly di cult in an already trying time. Think of your family, and save them the frustrations and the heartache of lost photos and information and memories that may only be accessible to you.

Thank you again for being part of our Postcards family. You made this month a whole lot easier.

Until next time,

~ Karen

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