Notifications…and my red dot resolution!


A new year always brings new things—often, it’s excitement over what the new year will hold; sometimes, it’s gratitude that the old year is behind us; and usually, there are resolutions!

Personally, I’ve been all over the board where this one is concerned. I tend to be one of “those people” who believes a goal is not really a goal unless it’s written down—so when I make resolutions, I write them down. This year, I only have one resolution.

Don’t let those little red notification buttons control you!

They are on EVERYTHING! I’m seriously considering a class action suit against the maker of the red dots…I believe they have given me Attention Deficit Disorder. I am working on something, then I see it…the dot. I must make the dot go away, so I stop what I’m doing and “check it.”

Now, I know there are some of you who are thinking, “Just turn off the notification badges and ‘boom,’ you’re done!” NO, you silly rabbit!!! Then I won’t know what I’ve missed!

So, I have decided my resolution will be to practice keeping my focus and not let myself become distracted by the tempting red numbers until I am finished with the task at hand. I am in control. Right?

I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me all year to master it. I gotta go – my to do list just popped up with the number 6.

Happy New Year! ~ Karen

P.S. – One of those 6 was for me to remind you to call an advertiser and thank them for making Postcards possible!


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