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Not what you might expect.


Happy New Year 2014RESOLUTIONS. Is that what you’re expecting?

If you are, then I’ll tell you what they say around my house, “I told you about that last year!” No need to repeat! So instead, I would prefer to say thank you, because I don’t believe one can express too much appreciation.

Thank you for another year of wonderful!

Wonderful people who have shared wonderful stories.

Stories that we, in turn, have been able to share with our readers.

Readers who have, in turn, been grateful to share with our advertisers their appreciation and their business.

Advertisers who have continued to support us and make the next round of wonderful stories possible!

Our idea of what YOUR community magazine “should” be has been enthusicastically accepted, and 2013 will go down in history as the year that Postcards Magazine became a monthly publication…and truthfully, we are still a little stunned! (but in a good way!)

As this year comes to a close and another begins, I want to take this opportunity to thank the amazing group of people who are committed to helping make Postcards Magazine be the best it can be.

These are the people who make my “every days” wonderful:

Editor – Wes Altom

Production Manager – Kelly Lawson

Graphic Designers – Mary Partida, Chris Blair

Photographers – Julie Knight, Kelly Lawson, Abby Altom

Customer Service – Janet Jones, Diane Schnee

Writers – Janet Batchelor, Jim Belew, Ruth Fields, Kristin Humphrey, Matt Jackson, Bambi Kiser, Tori Lyle, Zach Toney, Claude Wooley, Mike Yawn

Distribution – Marshall Altom, Annie Lawson

Office Coordinator – Courtney Ehlert

From our family to yours, may your New Year be filled with wonderful!

Until next time ~Karen

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