My Washing Machine is Crazy Clean!


Last month, I shared how my son likes to cook. Well, so does my husband. I know. All you women are feeling so sorry for me right now! I’m lucky, and I know it. I like to cook, too…but I hate to HAVE to cook. During a particularly stressful time, my husband asked me if there was something he could do to share the load. (Really…I KNOW I’m lucky!) To which I responded, “Yes, please cook dinner! Nothing stresses me out more than having to decide EVERY day what we are all going to eat for supper each night.” He said, “No problem. I can do that.” And he has….almost every day since in the past 8 years. (OK, I’m not just lucky, I’m blessed! I really do know it!)

In an effort to do my part and share in the household chores, I told him that if he would handle the cooking, I would handle the laundry. Now for a moment of total honesty. I knew he wasn’t a huge fan of doing laundry, but I wasn’t a huge fan of him doing it either, because sometimes girl clothes require a little extra care that men don’t think is necessary. And we’ll leave that right there. Needless to say, I felt like this was a win/win.

But I’m starting to question that.

A few months ago, my old washer and dryer passed away and had to be replaced. The replacements do two things very differently from what I was used to. The dryer doesn’t have a buzzer. That annoys me, because I do laundry when I’m home and listen for that sound to go remove clothes so they don’t wrinkle. AND, the washer will only run water if the lid is closed. I understand this is some kind of safety thing, but I confess here to be a creature of habit. I always put the soap in first and let the water run and the bubbles do their bubbling and then I add laundry. Now, I have to add the soap, close the lid so the water can run some, then open the lid and add the laundry. I wish it didn’t aggravate me so.

Recently, I decided to throw a load in quickly before I left for a meeting. Later on, Wes asked me if there was anything I needed (I KNOW I’M LUCKY, BUT HE’S TAKEN!) and I was about to ask him to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer….when I realized I could not remember what clothes I had washed.

Maybe it’s the years of the soap and softener and bleach and spot remover smells wafting up to my brain, but I guess I’m losing it. All I had washed was the washing machine. No laundry at all. I’m quite sure that it has nothing to do with being too busy or the fact that I am over the half century mark.

Nope. Until someone can prove differently – laundry makes you crazy. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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