Mustard Seed Moments: Walking the Talk


Living in Walden on Lake Conroe for 15 years has been a pleasure, but for me, it has a distinct spiritual dimension. Several times a week, I walk the land barrier between the lake and the marina—my attempt to stay in shape, a routine from my Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodger days. As I walk along, I hand out a business card (made to resemble a baseball card with a photo of me as a pitcher at age 20). On the back, it reads, “Minton realized that following God’s call to preach was more important than making it to the Big Leagues.”

I share a smile, briefly talk baseball, and tell them, “I never looked back!” I usually walk away, leaving it up to them if they want to converse further. The response has been amazing. Countless conversations and prayers have resulted. Broken hearts, divorce, loss of loved ones, confusion with life, and even thoughts of suicide have been openly confessed. One lady sitting lakeside asked, “Can I tell you my story? I’m mad at God!” Her husband had been killed in the war in Afghanistan. After pouring out her hurt, we prayed to God—twice!

So, for me, it’s more than a walk to keep in shape. Sharing your faith as you go in everyday living is received better than you think. Give a pleasant hello and a winsome smile. Ask how they are doing. Start a conversation and listen! The Holy Spirit will lead you further (and you don’t need a baseball card).


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