Mustard Seed Moments: Thoughts from The Carpenter’s Bench


I am not a handyman…in fact, I am not even a handy man (it’s okay, really–I know I have other gifts). So, when it came time to remodel our home a couple of years ago, the only thing I was fully qualified to help with was—you guessed it—demo. I am firsthand evidence that it is much easier to tear down than to build (or build up).

It was no accident that Our Heavenly Father sent his human form likeness to earth in the trade of a carpenter—always seeing the potential…crafting and refining…be it disciples, the poor and downcast, the kingdom, even the very human spirit. Brings to mind his words, “Destroy this temple, and I will rebuild it in three days.”

Today, we see so many in the world around us overflowing with emotion…lashing out…rushing to tear down…taking the easy route. May we thoughtfully reflect, examine our hearts, and be a worthy apprentice to the Master Carpenter as we dare to be different and to always be about the more challenging family business of slowly and carefully building and building up.


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