Mustard Seed Moments: The Advocate


I met Joey Chandler when I came to Sam Houston State University in the 1980s, during her tenure with SHSU Admissions. She was orange and white, through-and-through. Through the years, I attended church with her and was privileged to serve alongside her on the school board at Alpha Omega Academy.

If I had to pick one word to describe Joey, it would be “advocate.” She was unashamedly passionate and steadfast—always all-in for her cause—whether it be SHSU, AOA, God, her local church, or her family. Because I chose a very different path…as a police officer…this had a particular impact on me. Unable to be an advocate, I pursued being an arbiter… always walking the line, striving to be objective, and suppressing the expression of feelings which might appear unobjective.

I am not saying I regret my path—rather, that Joey, by walking hers as she did, intrigued me and taught me the most valuable of life lessons…what being a true advocate looks like. I will forever remember her for bringing to life and helping me learn the true meaning concerning this scripture:

We have an advocate who pleads our case before the
Father… He is Jesus. – I John 2:1

What a blessing to come to the realization that we have a true advocate—unashamedly passionate and steadfast—always all-in—FOR US.


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