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2016 02Feb Publisher FeatureHappy February! It’s the month of love. I decided I would write about love this month, but my thoughts kept going to things I loved that are no longer around. Yes, there are people I love who are no longer here, too—but we all share that. I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who misses:

Postmarks. Is it just me? Maybe it’s because my dad was a rural mail carrier when we were growing up, but I used to love getting a letter in the mail and looking at the postmark to see when it was mailed and from where. I looked at the mail today for both home and the office. Out of 24 pieces of mail, there was only one partial postmark from “North Houston.” Postmarks were one of the first ways that I realized I wanted to see these places, and traveling remains one of my great loves.

Full Service Gas Stations. Now I KNOW this isn’t just me! Aubrey Standley and Cleo Singletary ruined me forever! These special men took care of my vehicle (and, better yet, charged it to Daddy). Fill up the gas tank, check the oil, air up the tires, clean the windows…always with a smile and usually a piece of gum for the road! Those were the days.

Life before Caller ID. Yes, I know it has its advantages, but it was kind of fun to wonder who would be on the other end of the ringing phone.

Naps. Mom used to tell me I’d wish for them some day. It was one of those, “yeah, right” things. Mom, you were right. I love naps, and Sunday afternoons are the best.

Your turn! Tell me what you miss….can’t wait to hear! And thanks for the great feedback on last month’s issue. It was a wonderful way to launch year number six. Last month, I encouraged you to think about a place you could serve in our special corner of the world. I hope you’ve found it. If not, keep thinking and remember not to let what you cannot do interfere with what you CAN do!

Until next time, keep on sharing, because that’s something I REALLY love!

xoxo ~ Karen

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