“MidSouth Fiber Internet is a high-speed internet provider focused on supplying reliable highspeed internet service directly to the homes of co-op members across six counties,” according to CEO and General Manager Kerry Kelton, “and is a welcome addition to the services provided by MidSouth to our neighbors and friends.”

What makes MidSouth Fiber different from other internet providers in the area?

MidSouth Fiber is a subsidiary of its parent company MidSouth Electric Co-op.  The cooperative and its subsidiaries have provided quality electric service to the community for over 80 years.  Now, MidSouth Fiber is continuing in that excellent tradition.  Most of our employees live and work in the MidSouth territory.  We are your friends, neighbors, and fellow co-op members, and we treat you as such.

Our focus on reliability and member experience sets the electric cooperative apart from other local power providers.  The expectations are just as high for MidSouth Fiber.  As we studied other internet companies and listened to our members, we learned outage restoration timelines varied greatly, sometimes lasting days or weeks.  Knowing how crucial access to fast and reliable internet is in today’s world, MidSouth Fiber adopted the same restoration strategy we use in electric operations and created a new standard for internet reliability.

Once a subscriber has reported their fiber outage to the 24/7 tech support center, a fiber technician will analyze the account data.  If the solution requires more than a simple reboot, the technician creates a work order and sends it directly to the outage response team.  Depending on the severity of the outage, a technician or construction crew is dispatched to determine the source of the outage and restore service.  This new approach helps shorten the amount of time a subscriber is without internet service and increases reliability.

Why did MidSouth decide to provide internet to its members, and how long did it take to implement the project?

MidSouth decided to pursue fiber installation based on need.  Our members, especially those living in more rural areas, desperately needed internet to keep up with advancing technology.  They were the ones who would call us, email us, or stop us in person to ask if we would ever consider providing internet to the community.  Once word spread that we were establishing a broadband subsidiary, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Additionally, the cooperative had also been considering a more reliable way to communicate with its electric devices to improve outage restoration times and increase efficiency.  Fiber optic lines were the perfect solution.  With such major advantages and services in mind, MidSouth began planning and constructing the fiber backbone.  Originally designed as a five-year project, MidSouth completed initial construction in just two years.  Finishing the fiber project at an unprecedented pace required the commitment of every MidSouth employee.  Our team sacrificed nights, weekends, and time with family to bring fiber internet to all MidSouth members as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why is the fiber project so important?

The fiber framework supports our community in multiple ways.  Access to reliable high-speed internet improves the quality of life for our members who have historically been left behind.  With MidSouth Fiber, subscribers can work remotely, take online classes, video chat with loved ones, and utilize telemedicine practices.  Also, the availability of fiber internet service encourages business development and relocation to rural areas, contributing to the economic health of the community.  

Fiber also improves our electric service.  MidSouth uses the fiber infrastructure to communicate between electric devices across our system, monitor status, and maintain reliability.  If we do encounter faults or outages, a crew can be dispatched to the exact location of the issue and restore power quickly.

What services does MidSouth Fiber offer?

MidSouth offers three speed packages for residential members to choose from:  100 mbps, 500 mbps, or 1 gbps.  There are unlimited upload and download speeds without data caps, giving subscribers a fast, reliable, and consistent experience on the web.  Members can find more information about our fiber services and schedule their in-home installation at midsouthfiber.com. 

In addition to our Fiber to the Home project (FTTH), we also offer business internet solutions to our commercial members.  Commercial fiber subscribers enjoy the same benefits as our residential customers, as well as priority service and 24/7 tech support.  Custom commercial internet opportunities are also available for businesses requiring a unique solution.  Members interested in commercial internet services can contact our Fiber Sales Manager, Will Bond, at 936-433-8010

RESIDENTIAL PRICING BEFORE TAX (PER MONTH)                            

  • 100 mbps: $64.95 
  • 500 mbps: $79.99 
  • 1 gbps: $99.95 


  • 100 mbps: $99.95 
  • 500 mbps: $199.95 
  • 1 gbps: $399.95

What’s next for MidSouth Fiber?

As with everything MidSouth does, our primary goal is to maintain the exceptional foundation of fiber we have established to ensure that our members have access to fast and reliable internet.  As growth within our territory continues, we will continue to install fiber along any new MidSouth electric service routes, and eventually into non-electric service areas as well.

How do I know if MidSouth Fiber is available in my area and how do I sign up?

Consult the map on our website at midsouthfiber.com to determine if your home or business is in the MidSouth service area and schedule a free installation.  If you have any questions, our member services team is available by phone at 936-825-5100.


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