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From the time we are small, we learn about wishes—wishing on a star, or making a wish when you toss a coin in a fountain. Then there’s the stray eyelash on your cheek wish; or the one you can make during the one minute the clock stands at 11:11; heck, there’s even a poultry bone named the wishbone! If you search the internet regarding wishmaking, you’ll come up with at least 21 things on which people make wishes.

Several months back, I began to hear people saying, “I got it on Wish.” Honestly, I first thought I heard, “I got what I wished for.” As the frequency of hearing that same line grew, I learned that Wish is an app that sells goods at huge discounts. Now, when I say huge, I mean sometimes “free” or for a dollar or two. What a deal! Right? It’s what I’ve always wished for! I’ll give the Wish folks this…the name was marketing genius.

But I’ve decided a few things about what the name really means to me because, yes, I too, jumped on the Wish train.

The first thing I learned was this: Place an order with Wish and then WISH your item will eventually show up! When it finally does, WISH your item was actually the size (be it container or clothing) I thought I had ordered. If it does look like what I thought, then WISH it won’t break or quit working soon. And finally, just WISH I’d been smart enough to keep my $2 plus the extra shipping cost I had to pay!

I’ll admit, the earbuds I bought are a cute color, but they no longer hold a charge. I love the color of the nail polish I bought, but I didn’t know it was sized for a Barbie playset! While I am poking a little bit of fun at myself (and maybe some of you who’ve had the same experiences), I’ll tell you what I really wish.

I wish all of us who turn to the internet first for shopping (and whatever else we need) would look at home first. Some of the cutest and most unique things I’ve seen lately have been in our local stores and boutiques! The best service I’ve gotten is from people I can talk to in person here at home, because those folks live here, too and want to gain your business.

And I’d just bet when it comes to having a chance to earn your business…that’s what they WISH for, too.

Until next time,

 ~ Karen


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