Living in the Present


Living in the Present
Here we are…already a month into 2021…and, just when you think life might be getting back to “somewhat normal,” the unexpected happens. It happens to everyone. It happened in our world this week, when one of our team members ended up in ICU with a major heart attack. As we were celebrating the publication of our 10th anniversary issue, celebration turned to concern and prayers for our sweet friend.

This last year of pandemic has taught us the unexpected should be expected. There will always be those of us who are experiencing heartache and loss–those struggling with broken relationships, financial woes, and the loss of loved ones. The past year has just multiplied those things and how many are dealing with them at once. The truth is, this is life. 1920, 2020, or 2021, life is made up of highs and lows, sunny days and rainy ones, memories that will make your sides hurt with unbridled laughter, and those that make you smile through tears.

We are thankful our friend is still with us–thankful we have another day with her to enjoy and make more memories–thankful we have one more moment to cherish, before the unanticipated or the unforeseen makes an abrupt change in our life.

I love the old adage that says, “Today is a gift of God; that’s why we call it the present.” What will you do with your gift today? Whatever it is, make it count.

To all who have reached out about our anniversary edition, thank you! It is our joy to be a part of your days. Be sure to thank one of our advertisers, too. That is a gift to them as well!

Until next time,

~ Karen

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